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It is a well known fact how difficult it is to ride a motorcycle in winter. Some bike riders dread even short rides on her or his motorcycle during the season because of the fact that the cold intensifies on a bike. As a result, maintaining a grip on the throttle becomes next to impossible while the snow makes it hard for the rider to browse without difficulty. This makes riding a motorcycle dangerous.

Precautionary Actions to take

The actions given below will help any motorcycle rider who’s planning on making a journey on their bike in hard cold weathers.

1) Layer up: The most obvious precautionary step that every rider should take is to layer up like an onion. Wear a motorcycle suit with other apparel items such as a leather jacket to keep them warm. Many companies specialize in inner wear for cold weather, and each rider should invest in some as they have the potential of keeping the rider warm when it is freezing.

Every rider should wear sturdy gloves which will trap the body warmth. Wearing gloves will also protect the hands from freezing which is very dangerous.

3) Visor: Another issue riders face during winters is the fact that due to moisture, the visor often fogs up. Riders can invest in helmets that have fog proof visor or put on a mask inside the helmet combined with a windproof balaclava.

4) Drive slow: Cold tires have less grip which makes breaking more difficult as the motorcycle starts sliding. One precautionary measure riders can take is to drive slow and give themselves ample space from the vehicle in front of them.

5) Heated equipment: For riders who intend on driving in extremely cold temperatures, it’s recommended that they invest in heated clothes. The only drawback to this equipment is that it’s connected to the motorcycle and some riders tend to forget that fact and break apart the wiring as they walk away. The other choice is battery powered equipment. These things will create heat comparable to electric gear except battery life is limited to 6 to 8 hrs at max temperature. Another drawback to battery powered equipment is you must remember to recharge the device prior to reuse.

6) Other apparel: Riders may also invest in winter protection gear that helps provide protection against the intense cold, these items like foot warmers, detachable windscreen and hand guards. These items are offered at an attractive cost and are readily available on the market.

Most of all, if you find yourself on an icy road, do not freak out. Additionally, make sure your bike is prepped and ready for the drive. Finally, invest in the essential apparel mentioned above. This gear will help protect every bike rider from the cold ensuring a comfortable ride.

Be Careful Biking in The Winter

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