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When you’re raising a pet coatimundi at home, you have to do some serious studying and study as to how you can properly nurture these kind of exotic pets. Despite the fact that, they’re going to be house pets like your typical cats and dogs, you need to know that they are a lot different from the latter.

In this report, we’ll be looking at different suggestions on raising a pet coatimundi at home. Let’s start with feeding. When infant coatis are already old enough, you can get them out of their mother already so you can begin feeding them through using a bottle. When you start bottle feeding your baby pet coatis, it’s a fantastic thing to start with puppy replacer milk. You can use a cup of this and combine it with two cups of water. To make it taste better, you can add a little bit of honey to the mix. You should feed them 4 times in a day. When they start getting used to feeding on the milk that you are giving them, the amount which they consume per feeding will increase to an average of 2-3 ounces. Despite the fact that you may notice an increase in their appetite, it’s best that you don’t overfeed them. At the age of 6 to 8 weeks, your pet coatis may start developing loose stools. When this time comes, you should add in 1 pill of Lactaid to each cup of milk that you use when mixing their formulation. Make certain to mix 24 hours in advance.

As your pets start growing bigger, you can shift them to Purina Puppy Chow until they develop into yearlings. During this time, you can then change them to Purina Chow for Adult Dogs. Keeping these types of exotic pets inside big birdcages that have blankets and hammocks inside is really advisable. The hammocks and blankets will serve as their sleeping materials. When your pets start becoming active, you need to see to it that the door of the cage is left open so you may enable them to go in and out. This manner, they can play freely when they wish to. When you feed them, it’s best that you let them back in their cage so that they can do their thing and have a nap afterwards. These exotic animals are rather easy to paper train. They generally use a corner of the cage when they’re doing their business. However, like other types of pets, they’ll also make mistakes at times.

Coatis are known for their curious and active nature. When you’ve got a pet coati at home, it’s like you’ve got a 2 year old kid who needs to be well guarded. You need to make your home child proof so that you can prevent your pet from getting injuries.

Having a pet Coatimundi

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